Between London Bridge and Tower Bridge, on your left
stands the HMS BELFAST; named after its birthplace
cold weather, swearing and two religions.
We took that cruise together, how many times
running down the Hudson, the Danube or the Nile
did the sightseeing did the photos
as simple people in love do.

Then, the encounters started. There were reasons, of course
but we both recognised our passion
setting us apart.
I wanted you mine now, you wanted me yours now
selfish blood pumped our heart, in vain, to our intentions.
We couldn’t think, as people in love don’t
we couldn’t breathe cause we were drowning,
casualties from both sides
cold water, insults and no belief.
“What’s more simple”, you said
“than to let the current take us, let it decide;
no one in charge, following or preceding
just two people in love, swimming
getting the general drift of the long Thames”.
And simple it was. Agreement signed
we felt so relieved. The day got warmer
and with one glorious hosannah we ascended into Heaven.

Near the Hospital, by the river bank, on your rightpeople walk up slowly
       holding hands.
Look carefully. Among the morning mist, in its full glory
shining steel all blazing guns
stands Love; years now at the same place
quiet, serene (named by its birthplace)
precisely half way between London Bridge and Tower Bridge.