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(April '18)

Live Sceneries

Since 2008, I take photos in black and white. Born in Athens, Greece, I divide my time between photography and teaching maths. My approach is based on simple, everyday images where the human element can be dominant, implicit or absent. Nature, city, roads, human relations, all connected by an invisible thread. Usually, I know what to shoot but most of the times I don't know how. Nevertheless, persistence will often produce a decent frame. Studying the classics, over and over again, fills the knowledge gap. Favorite ones? Bill  Brandt, Walker Evans and other minor photographers who happen to be good friends. I consider my work split into two 'portfolios', which I try to update as often as possible: 'Dead Sceneries' and 'Live Sceneries'. In other words places and people, without suggesting that scenery lack life or the other way around. The distinction is arbitrary and no great attention should be given to it. Photography seems to me as like a never ending apprenticeship.